Our knowledge of the data

In mathematics, there is no unambiguous definition of a polyhedron. Normally, this term is used to delineate a solid reality formed by a series of polygons delineating its surface.

This is how we at Sis.Ter® Ltd. understand the space around us, understood as a complex figure, composed of several faces and formed by different elements, rich in asymmetries and dualities. Our goal is to analyze from the inside the territory in which we live, starting with the physical and human factors that constitute it and analyzing the ways in which these interact with each other.

We believe in the value of connection, the power of networking and building bridges as the only way to truly understand the area in which we live, to influence its change, and to be able to think about ourselves in relation to it. “Connecting Knowledge” represents for us a constant tension and a passionate and attentive look at the world around us.

Quality and Certification

ISO Certifications

Sis.Ter® srl is ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified


Sis.Ter® srl through the laboratory is a co-founder of Clus-ER Emilia-Romagna: BUILD, AGRIFOOD and INNOVATE


Sis.Ter® srl is certified by Unioncamere as a 4.0 Technology Transfer Center

High Technology Network

Sis.Ter® srl’s GeoSmart.Lab® is registered with MIUR and accredited to the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

Who we work for


We design, study and build indicators, survey and monitoring tools, assessments and dashboards aimed at measuring, understanding, managing and simulating the impacts of choices on the environment to make our places more sustainable.


Sis.Ter® Ltd. designs, analyzes, and develops solutions for city asset management. More than two decades of experience in integrated solutions and projects to build the city of tomorrow


There are more than 150 municipalities with which we have had the honor of collaborating. Sis.Ter® Ltd. stands as a partner for data-driven sustainable land transformation and development.

Constant innovation


Since 3/7/18 Sis.Ter® srl has been CTT TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CENTER 4.0, (D.D. Mise 22/12/17) with the identification code CTT_I_4.0_003 for the technological areas


The laboratory stems from the need to improve the structuring of research activities that Sis.Ter® srl has promoted over the years through collaborations with universities, study centers and through the development of applied research.


Urban Design Magazine: planning, transformation and innovation, economics, technology, ICT and geomatics from a smartcity perspective

Research and Accreditations

What we offer





Sis.Ter®’s products and solutions


OMNIcheck® is a cloud-based tool suitable for practices, protocols, checklists aimed at managing paper-less documentation, fostering digitization and productivity. Suitable for inspections, checks, audits, interventions, surveys, investigations, verifications and diagnoses.


CityOmnis® is a technology platform that, through the collection, integration, and processing of data from different sources, enables the monitoring, analysis, and management of the development cycle of the urban and territorial context in all its main aspects.


Administering operations related to network management has never been easier. CityOmnis® becomes CityLight® to offer an integrated solution where the public lighting network can be easily interrogated at any time and as needed.


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