“I believe that having the land and not spoiling it is the most beautiful form of art one could wish for.” – Andy Warhol

We have built indicators, survey and monitoring tools, assessments and dashboards aimed at measuring, understanding and simulating the impacts of choices on the environment. Among the main solutions

  • Agenda 2030 Assessment for Local Sdgs.

  • Impact assessments and DNSH

  • Demand and Water Budget

  • Environmental monitoring systems

  • Smartwaste

  • Smart Agriculture

  • CityOMNIS® and Omnicheck® for green and environmental audits.

Our experiences have led to integrated systems for SmartWaste, Irrigation Distribution Optimization for Agriculture in support of Land Reclamation, Dashboard control rooms for plants and territorial security, participatory projects for monitoring environmental phenomena, experiments in Smart Agriculture, and Circular Economy Survey projects in the area of city services.

Some of our projects:

  • Smart Waste (Delft)

  • Tolomeo (Renana Reclamation Consortium)

  • Agenda 2030 (webinar link)

  • Control Room (Central Emilia Reclamation Consortium)

  • Territorial Security (UnicaReti)

  • CityOMNIS®