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The challenge of making the world more habitable is everyone’s business, as in a large mosaic, sustainability is achieved with everyone’s contribution. The 2030 Agenda is a course charted by the UN in 2015 and identifies 17 Goals to strive for. Any territorial action must also compare itself at the local level with the goals of Agenda 2030 and monitor over time, the effectiveness of actions taken to achieve it.

The 2030 Assessment is a methodology for an integrated reading of each Italian municipality’s positioning against the 17 Goals. The service may consist of one or more instruments.

The different tools of the service:

Assessment 2030

The 2030 Assessment is a report that in addition to the indicators and sub-indicators present, records the municipality’s positioning against the 17 Goals and for each of them has a reading of the more than one hundred sub-indicators present. The report also provides support for the interpretation of the data by highlighting strengths and weaknesses and priority strategic actions that can be initiated for the improvement of the SdGs. For processing, Sis.Ter adopts the method prepared by GeoSmart Lab and with the support of Urban Planning srl, without the need to ask for data from the Authority and processing the first level report totally independently

Dashboard 2030

The 2030 Dashboard is the usable digital tool to get the periodically updated snapshot of the value of each Goals and the trend of each of them. It is the monitoring tool to get feedback on actions taken

Comparative with other territories

The Comparative is a banchmark report between the territory and competing or comparable territories to understand positioning against assimilated territories as well.

Integrated Package

Sis.Ter proposes Assessment 2030 in the forms proposed above or through an integrated multi-year 3-5 year package that includes:

Assessment 2030 is particularly aimed at Public Entities, Utilities, Foundations, Universities, Associations, Consulting Companies

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