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We offer a different look at things to understand them and accompany in making decisions and taking actions for improvement. We do this through assessments, services, tools.and products, in the following technology areas






  • Urban Economics Assessment
  • Acatech 4.0 Assessment
  • Solarbelt Energy Survey

  • ESG Assessment


We provide subscription-based data storage services with access to dataset collection

Data as a Service

It is the paradigm of our services. Over two decades of experience in connecting knowledge through the use of information. The data that feed and describe this knowledge are made available in the form of a service. The issues on which we have done data ingestion and information processing cover social, economic, demographic, energy, real estate, urban planning, infrastructure, commercial, and environmental aspects.

GIS Services and GIS Analysis

More than two decades of experience on the world of geospatial information applied in contexts ranging from geomarketing, land-use and landscape planning, geostatistics, epidemiological research, energy vocations of a territory, abandonment of inland territories, etc. Geocoding, Georeferencing, Spatial Analysis and Correlation in different contexts.

Policy support system

Consulting for data model, interoperability, and prototype construction of systems to support governance decisions including through of Digital Tween for the city

Energy maps and territorial energy balances

We have developed studies and analyses to understand the energy vocations of an area, to understand the needs and develop an energy balance aimed at providing strategic tools.



OMNIcheck® is a cloud-based tool suitable for practices, protocols, checklists aimed at managing paper-less documentation, fostering digitization and productivity. Suitable for inspections, checks, audits, interventions, surveys, investigations, verifications and diagnoses.


CityOmnis® is a technology platform that, through the collection, integration, and processing of data from different sources, enables the monitoring, analysis, and management of the development cycle of the urban and territorial context in all its main aspects.


Administering operations related to network management has never been easier. CityOmnis® becomes CityLight® to offer an integrated solution where the public lighting network can be easily interrogated at any time and as needed.



Feasibility studies




Research and development