We are a team of people who want to make the places where they live more sustainable.

We do this through geography and the multidisciplinary synthesis operations it implies. Geography is the world in front of us, and the starting point is each person’s view of it.

The world around us is bigger than we are; it is multiple, complex and always changing. It is a world that can be looked at from different facets, but they all have the same fulcrum, their own center. Like the polyhedron, a complex but regular figure.

We construct the mosaic of human-scale living through spatial variables, mathematics, art, and information-based technological sciences to understand the direct and indirect impacts of urban and spatial transformations.

Processing, analysis, representation, enhancement-these are the key words of our experience, in partnership with public and private worlds, with which to create knowledge and design our tomorrow.

The Venue

Sis.Ter srl decided to believe in the historic center of Imola and to make a meaningful choice: to move its headquarters to the heart of the city. Work is the real beating heart of urban activities, and against the trend that wants to decentralize companies, Sis.Ter Ltd. has set up its offices in Via Emilia 69. Palazzo Sassatelli Monsignani is experiencing a new spring: Sis.Ter srl is an active part of it.

Palazzo Sassatelli Monsignani preserves for two sides of the courtyard of honor an elegant portico with slender sandstone columns, in whose capitals are carved the coats of arms of Giovanni Sassatelli known as Cagnaccio, and elegant portals also carved; on the second floor, on the west side of the courtyard, there is an elegant round-arched loggia with Corinthian capitals and a terracotta crowning at the top. Many rooms still retain decorations painted by Giacomo Succi, Angelo Gottarelli, and Antonio Villa.

A dialogue between present, future and past

Sis.Ter Ltd. wants to be a meeting and discussion place in the city center. The recent agreement with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce makes it a PID Lab of its own for experiential events and workshops. Therefore, we have dedicated a large space for this purpose that can accommodate those who want to collaborate with us.

The code of ethics

Being responsible involves working by being accountable to another for what you do. It means basing the relationship between people on a goal of common good. Through our work we contribute, in our own small way, to making the world more habitable by addressing digital transformation in an integrated way with physical reality according to a systemic sustainability approach. This is also why we decided to become a Benefit Society, to foster the dissemination and growth of geographic knowledge and sustainability.

Areas of technology expertise

We have a geospatial approach applied in our products according to customer needs.

Each of these technologies are inserted on an ad hoc basis according to the structure of the required project.

GIS (Geographic Information System)

Management and analysis tool for geographic data

IoT (Internet of things)

Interconnection between the Internet, objects, places and physical environments


Data access from any location

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Creating systems capable of performing functions autonomously

Partnerships with international companies