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Why OMNIcheck


For 1 ton of white paper, 440,000 liters of water and 17 trees are needed. 1 million tons of paper is consumed daily in the world, and paper production is the 3rd most energy-consuming and CO2-producing manufacturing sector. Each employee consumes 70 kg of paper per year = 1 tree.

OMNIcheck is a cloud-based tool suitable for practices, protocols, checklists aimed at managing paper-less documentation, fostering digitization and productivity. Suitable for inspections, checks, audits, interventions, surveys, investigations, verifications and diagnoses.

OMNIcheck is a tool to work better in daily life by discovering the benefits of digitization.

OMNIcheck is applied in many different contexts.

  • Safety

  • Maintenance

  • Energy

  • Finance

  • GDO

  • Pharma

  • City

  • Municipality

  • Industry

Implement your business

Based on the protocols that characterize your business, set up a point-based control system: a list of requirements, operations, and behaviors needed to work safely, a to-do list that the field worker can follow with a simple APP.

Advance Technology

Cloud, Geolocation, Mobile, IoT are some of the technology areas on which OMNIcheck is based


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Immediate startup

Starting and using OMNIcheck is easy and straightforward: in just a few steps it is up and running

Customer support

OMNIcheck’s dedicated subscriber support services are distinguished by speed and professionalism

All in one
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Protocols, maintenance, security all in one tool: the system is scalable and can offer you an all-inclusive solution. Through checklists containing maintenance practices and related activities, employees will be able to know what and when to do via APP. The system allows traceability of every operation carried out, all the way down to the management of endowments: indication of what is needed and on what occasion, where the necessary endowment is located, management of inventories to schedule purchases, etc.

Quality control

OMNIcheck is perfect the activities to support Quality Management Systems (QMS), customizable according to protocols


Reference for HSE and RSPP: protocols to protect health and safety are part of OMNIcheck so that risks are always under control


Routine and extraordinary maintenance is planned and managed: staff involvement, equipment needed and timing, etc.

Compliance and
Internal Audit

Management, monitoring and control of procedures to avoid noncompliance

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OMNIcheck can be integrated

Sis.Ter Ltd. proposes two next steps to the purchase of OMNIcheck:

the advanced CityOMNIS analysis system and the implementation of your data into an interactive and customizable DASHBOARD.