“There is true progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone.” – Henry Ford

Sis.Ter® Ltd. makes products for the management of public lighting, systems for the management of TLC networks, and much more from a Smart City perspective. Over 100 projects, 150 field surveys and audits among clients. From surveying to management through intuitive dashboards: Sis.Ter® Ltd. follows utilities step by step.

  • Design, verification, asbuilt, digitizationand analysis of fiber optic networks, public lighting and smart services for the city

  • Implementation of monitoring and decision support tools and dashboards

  • Spatial analysis, development and geomarketing

  • Data model and interoperability (Sinfi, Pell)

  • Data as a Service

  • CityOMNIS®, CityLight®, Omnicheck®

Some of our projects:

  • Smart Waste (Delft)

  • Citylight®


  • Omnicheck® for audits and inspections

  • Omnicheck® for audit 80000